Legal General Department

The Legal General Department is directly linked to the CEO of the Authority, and its organizational structure consists of the following three divisions: First: Litigation Division: The Litigation Division initiates the procedures related to the pleadings before the various courts, according to the type of the case, including the preparation of the statements of claim, objection documents, and other tasks related to the pleading. It also considers grievances submitted by concerned parties against administrative decisions issued by the Authority. Second: Legal Consultation Division: It seeks to provide legal consultations to all sectors of the Authority, in the issues that are referred to it, and requests are made through it to study such issues from a legal point of view. It also preparing and revises  the contracts that the Authority wishes to conclude before approving them and carries out the review and development of the internal regulations of the Authority. Third: Expropriation Division: The Expropriation Division initiates the procedures related to expropriation projects supervised by the Authority by publishing the expropriation decision, informing the owners of real property, receiving requests related to expropriation projects, creating and arranging real estate files, and performing any other tasks stipulated in the Expropriation Law.