Projects and initiatives

.Since the His Royal Highness the King strives to fully develop the Quba region, since both the Al-Masjid An-Nabawy and the Quba Mosque are linked in terms of history and place, and the area between both mosques and the area surrounding the Quba Mosque

Madinah Bus Project is one of the main projects that aims to provide the service of transportation for Al Madinah's residents and visitors from and to several main stations, at the top of which are the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, Quba Mosque, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport, Haramain Railway Station, and some of the main points of interest

The project aims to preserve and demonstrate the aesthetic and historic value of the wall, respect the authentic material, preserve the components of the heritage and history of one of the Two Holy Mosques

The project links the western neighborhoods of Al Madinah with both the Amir al-Mu'?Umar Ibn al-Khattab Road and the Al Hijrah minin Road.

The project aims to convert the Valley to a natural park for the Al Madinah's residents and visitors by building pedestrian paths, bike lanes, green landscapes, family seatings, public services, and places for investments, as well as developing historical regions along the Valley banks, and highlighting its religious importance

The project aims to create a distinctive cultural landmark with a unique identity, and the design of the entrance and gate expresses Al Madinah and its historical status and indicates the point of arrival to Al Madinah while providing the necessary services for visitors and pilgrims upon arrival and departure

The MDA has started developing and humanizing the streets of the central area around the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi to improve the quality of life and the visual character of the area, and facilitate the movement and arrival of pilgrims and Umrah performers

The project aims to preserve, take care of, and rehabilitate the Al Madinah's Historic Mosques, and show their religious, cultural and urban value

Masjid Al Qiblatayn Mosque is one of the most important historic mosques in Al Madinah, therefore developing it by creating a cultural center concerned with the historical dimension and the development of services provided within the vicinity of the mosque comes to enrich the experiment of the Visitors to the city of Prophet Mohamed (pbuh).

To revive the Prophet's Sunnah of easily reaching the Quba Mosque from Al-Masjid An-Nabawy and vice versa by transforming the Quba Road, which is crowded with cars, into a safe avenue designated for pedestrainsTo revive the Prophet's Sunnah of easily reaching the Quba Mosque from Al-Masjid An-Nabawy and vice versa by transforming the Quba Road, which is crowded with cars, into a safe avenue designated for pedestrains

Humanization is represented in finding and emphasizing the human dimension in the urban development of all segments of society by improving the visual identity and supporting and encouraging cultural, promotional and artistic programs and creating urban squares, open areas and green areas.

develop a historic path for the purpose of facilitating the movement of pilgrims and visitors between the historic and Islamic sites

Modern Typeface represents a distinctive visual identity for Al Madinah، The modern typeface for Al Madinah consists of a typographic family that includes three font sets and an English font, all designed to work harmoniously together.

The vision of this guide is to embody the potential solutions and experiences offered by the smart city to meet the needs of residents and visitors in Medina, through illustrative examples that outline the features of these experiences.

The Saudi Vision 2030 encompasses several ambitious goals and clear social and economic objectives. It is built upon three pillars: creating a vibrant society, fostering a thriving economy, and building an ambitious nation. These pillars drive the development of the transportation sector in Saudi Arabia. The Vision 2030 recognizes the need for a larger role for the private sector in the economy as a key driver for transforming the economic landscape and diversifying the Saudi economy. The vision aims to enhance the standards and quality of transportation services in the Kingdom by promoting competition and transparency among suppliers.