The Administration of Urban Planning and Projects

  1. The Directorate-General for Studies and Designs: It is concerned with conducting and coordinating between urban, environmental, historical and transportation studies to reach the highest quality standards, enlightened by a vision seeking for it to become a role model in innovation, and empowered to contribute to Al Madinah's development.
  2. The Directorate-General for Planning and Development: It is concerned with realizing uniqueness in planning and developing Al Madinah by implementing the latest standards and principles of urban development and sustainable growth in accordance with the Kingdom's Vision (2030), as well as observing Al Madinah's needs and studying its requirements in light of its parameters and components available in all aspects (urban, economic, social, environmental...). The Province Development Directorate is concerned with achieving the MDA's objectives and overall upgrading and development of the provinces in accordance with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. The Province Development Directorate is considered the MDA's representative in the provinces in terms of planning and reconstruction.
  3. The Engineering Project Directorate: Applies administrative principles and concepts, as well as technical foundations to carry out projects with a high level of quality while conserving resources.
  4. The Directorate for Public Transportation Projects: It comprises three departments concerned with preparing feasibility studies for designing, implementing and operating Public Transportation Projects in Al Madinah, in order to raise the level of services provided to residents and visitors of Al Madinah, increase the share of public transportation through partnering with the Private Sector, implement Transport strategic plans and attain the goals of KSA's vision 2030.
  5. Al Madinah's Studio: An engineering studio working under the auspices of Al Madinah Region Development Authority and Al Madinah Municipality on many modern qualitative projects related to Al Madinah's identity, in order to promote its urban identity in all projects and implement its building code, as well as making sure to raise the quality of engineering designs and implement remedial measures for visual pollution.