Madinah Regional Strategy Office

The Madinah Regional Strategy Office: is responsible for planning, directing and overseeing the execution of Madinah regional strategy.


·                     Develop Madinah's regional strategy

·                     Constantly review Madinah's status quo and identify the impact on its strategy

·                     Constantly review and update the strategy's objectives, indicators and initiatives

·                     Ensure strategic plans and initiatives are in line with Saudi vision 2030

·                     Prioritize initiatives and projects according to Madinah's strategic objectives

·                     Oversee the execution of strategic objectives, indicators and initiatives

·                     Measure the impact of strategic initiative on strategic performance targets

The Office of Overseeing Strategic Initiatives: It is concerned with periodically overseeing the initiatives’ implementation phases to ensure its progress and that outputs are delivered as planned.


·                 Oversee the initiatives’ implementation phases

·                 Oversee the approval of the initiatives’ timeline

·                 Document and analyze change requests

·                 Follow up on escalation requests

·                 Analyze and overcome challenges and obstacles

·                 Produce reports

·                 Oversee the approval of the Completion Certification