The Administration of Support Services

1.      The Directorate-General for Procurement and Contracts: It follows the best practices and processes to ensure the integrity of the contractual procedures, quickly respond to the needs of managing departments, create an ideal relationship between contractual parties, and follow modern methods to provide the MDA's managing departments with their needs on time and as per the required specifications and criteria

2.      The Directorate-General for Information Technology: It plans and executes the Technical Strategy to ensure creating a technical environment that complies with the best criteria and practices, providing electronic systems and applications that help enhance the quality of work and tasks and guarantee that they are always ready and upgraded, enhancing the technical environment's readiness by providing the best services and techniques that help improve performance rates.

3.      The Directorate-General for Human Capital: It plans human resources to make the best use of these, provides human resources on time, maintains them and provides them with the best services to contribute to reaching the highest job satisfaction levels, as well as boosting their efficiency by designing and preparing training, development and knowledge exchange programs, and organizing internal communications to help create a positive working environment.

4.      The Directorate-General for Administrative Services: It is responsible for developing administrative communications, optimally maintaining transactions, receiving and dealing with incoming calls, reaching the highest levels of vehicle maintenance and ensuring their safety and readiness, maintaining and developing all the MDA's facilities and ensuring their readiness and structural integrity, and the safety of their workers, preserving and archiving documents according to scientific standards and methods and ensuring their integrity and availability upon request, as well as ensuring and maintaining asset integrity and stock availability by following the best scientific and practical methods.