The Internal Auditing Department

Its work is considered an independent and objective advising corroborative activity designed to add value to the MDA's operation and help it attain its goals by following a systematic and organized pattern to assess and improve control, governance and risk management systems.  Internal Auditing Objectives:

·         To provide corroborative and reassuring services concerning the financial, technical and administrative operations and their adequacy and best use of the available resources.

·         To monitor the MDA's plans and work without being involved in any executive work or decision-making.

·         To enhance the MDA's operation and procedure in order to realize strategic goals.

·         To ensure compliance with laws, instructions and approved plans, in order to achieve the goals in an effective and organized manner.

·         To protect the MDA's assets and properties, and make sure that they are used properly pursuant to the approved laws and regulations.

·         To give opinions and recommendations regarding the integrity and effectiveness of the MDA's control systems.

·         To assess risks and develop plans to measure risks and their impacts, and how to respond to these.

·         To evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of risk management and internal and government control processes.