The Financial Regulation Unit

It is a supervisory department that evaluates the level of regulation and performance, and is in charge of the following:

·         Auditing balance sheets and measuring the actual performance against these, making sure that the expenditure is in line with the budget, recommending corrective actions in case a department cannot work within a specified budget.

·         Checking that payment orders are linked with the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, auditing disbursement orders and documents, and checking the documents confirming the payment of employee dues.

·         Ensuring that the Government Tenders and Procurement Law is implemented in all contracts and procurement actions by reviewing and checking the validity of tender documents and integrity of contracts, and that there are no violations or breaches of the contract terms.

·         The Unit serves as a procurement ambassador in terms of transferring knowledge to the Directorate General of Procurement and Contracts to strengthen the MDA's role and introduce internal and external entities to the Government Tenders and Procurement Law to which the beneficiaries should adhere.

·         The Unit implements the procedures for examining proposals, as His Excellency the Director of the Financial Regulation is the Head of the Committee

·         Overseeing the Etimad Platform work

·         Engaging in reviewing the authority matrix