The Directorate-General for Financial Affairs

1.      The Budget Department: It is in charge of the financial planning for the MDA’s budget, from drawing it up to allocating it for programs and projects. In addition, it provides financial support for the MDA's administrations, directorates and departments by monitoring the suitability of programs and projects to make sure that the budget is spent properly, coordinating with related government entities regarding transfers, rationalizing expenditure and preparing financial reports.

2.      Accounting Department: It works on developing, updating and monitoring all the financial operations related to central accounts, as well as following up on daily operations to ensure accurate data entry on e-financial systems. Moreover, it identifies weaknesses and recommends the required modifications, and develops appropriate accountability processes to improve performance and financial regulations, and copes with evolutions in the technical field, for the purpose of raising the service level up to the expectations of its clients, which helps attain the general strategic goals of the Directorate for Financial Affairs and comply with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. Its tasks include ensuring that revenues, expenditures, advance accounts, fixed assets and inventory are precisely recorded, accounting entries and settlements are regulated, and the general ledger records and trial balances are up to date and balanced, in order to prepare the periodic reports and annual final statements of accounts, as well as keeping all documents supporting financial transactions.

3.      Cash Department: It is concerned with following up on, settling and monitoring the MDA's accounts in local banks, collecting revenues, recording and following up on bank guarantees, issuing receipt vouchers, reviewing expropriations and issuing and renewing related checks in coordination with the appropriate government entities, and disbursing and settling cash custodies.