The Directorate-General for Corporate Excellence

It is responsible for building, assessing and emphasizing the effectiveness of the operations of the MDA to create added value and a sustainable future by utilizing state-of-the-art systems and tools in corporate excellence and cyber security, as each department is in charge of the following:

1.      Total Quality Department: Documenting all the MDA's operations, ensuring that these are put in practice and following up on their outcomes through operational KPIs in accordance with the highest local and international standards.

2.      Corporate Strategy Department: Managing and following up on corporate and operational plans of the MDA through KPIs that guarantee their implementation as planned in order to attain the MDA's strategic objectives and initiatives.

3.      Cyber Security Department: Strengthening the Cyber security system to fullfil the requirements and meeting the goals, and face Cyber risks in order to ensure the sustainability of the MDA's operation.