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Rehabilitation of the Wadi Al-Aqeeq

Project Image : Rehabilitation of the Wadi Al-Aqeeq

This project is based on the Royal Decree issued in 1436 AH on rehabilitating the Wadi Al-Aqeeq Valley in the Al Madinah, due to its importance as an environmental and tourist resource of tangible religious, urban, social and historical dimensions.

The project aims to convert the Valley to a natural park for the Al Madinah's residents and visitors by building pedestrian paths, bike lanes, green landscapes, family seatings, public services, and places for investments, as well as developing historical regions along the Valley banks, and highlighting its religious importance

The Wadi Al-Aqeeq Valley is a natural path that drains rainwater and floodwater to a land of more than 5,000 square-kilometer area. Farms used to cover large areas around the palaces that were overlooking the Valley banks. The ancient remnants and writings found in the valley confirm that there was a large human settlement on the banks of the valley, since there are remains of some ancient palaces dating back to the Abbasid and Umayyad eras.