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Al Madinah Entrances and Gates

Project Image : Al Madinah Entrances and Gates

The project is characterized by several points, including its distinctive location, as well as its architectural character that reflects Al Madinah's historical context. The Piazza is the most prominent feature of the project with its unique design that makes incoming and outgoing feel safe when passing under the shadow of the Statement of At-Tawhid in a majestic architectural view.

The project aims to create a distinctive cultural landmark with a unique identity, and the design of the entrance and gate expresses Al Madinah and its historical status and indicates the point of arrival to Al Madinah while providing the necessary services for visitors and pilgrims upon arrival and departure. It is also considered a smart security crossing to observe who gets in and out of Al Madinah.

The Project Components:

  • The Gate
  • A mosque and its facilities
  • Shopping stores + a supermarket + restaurants
  • An information hub
  • Buildings designated for the relevant Government Entities that operate the gate and provide the necessary services to those crossing it
  •  Public and private parking lots for cars and buses
  • Parks and gardens.