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Restoration of Historic Mosques

Project Image : Restoration of Historic Mosques

The project aims to preserve, take care of, and rehabilitate the Al Madinah's Historic Mosques, and show their religious, cultural and urban value. The MDA has developed a plan to take care of the Historic Mosques around the region, in cooperation with the relevant entities, professional and charitable organizations, and donors from Al Madinah's community, by rehabilitating and restoring them, such as restoring the Masjid Al-Jummah, the Seven Mosques, Masjid Al-Raya, and other. One of the project output examples is the restoration of the Masjid Al-Jummah's courtyard (Sahn) which contributes to enriching the visitor's cultural and spiritual experience by taking care of the Islamic Historical Landmarks, which are the top tourist attractions in Al Madinah.